Director’s Message

Welcome to the School of Information Science and Engineering (IST), founded in 2017 and home to multidisciplinary scholars, researchers, and faculty members in the fields of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, computer networking, and human-machine interfaces. We offer research-intensive master’s and doctoral programs in Information Science and Technology with international and industrial experience and provide a playground with cutting-edge facilities for research, innovation, and technology development, from academic research to capabilities for addressing real-world challenges. We aim to perform our frontier research and translate it to real-world benefits and utilization across the entire Technology Readiness Level (TRL) spectrum, from basic science (TRL 1–3) to technology demonstration (TRL 4–6) and real-world system operation (TRL 7–9).

Aligning with VISTEC’s vision of academic excellence and impactful innovations for industry, society, and the environment, we have established five research labs for conducting cutting-edge research dedicated to core AI, robotics, sensing, and networking technologies (TRL 1–3). 

  • Natural Language Processing and Representation Learning Lab
  • Vision and Learning Lab
  • BRAIN-Robotics Lab
  • BRAIN-Interfaces Lab
  • Network and Decision Systems Lab

We go beyond basic research by translating its discoveries into industrial capabilities (TRL 4–6) through the Wangchan Advanced Industrial Labs (WAI). WAI specializes in creating intelligent “sense-think-act” machines that can sense the environment, carry out thinking tasks, and perform complex actions for real-world and industrial applications. It also acts as an innovation hub enabling close research collaborations and linkages between talented researchers and industry. To bridge the gap between research and real-world benefits, we foster entrepreneurship opportunities by creating spin-off companies like VISAI and SenseAI, bringing our research and development into real usage (TRL 7–9).

At IST, in addition to pursuing scientific and educational excellence, we also cultivate a proactive and collaborative “together we can” culture for operational excellence and a friendly and supportive work atmosphere. 

On behalf of the entire IST team, I encourage everyone around the world to explore IST, a dynamic home for scientific discovery and collaboration, and to join our exciting journey. We have an energetic and interactive community of passionate people who push the boundaries of knowledge.

Prof. Dr. Poramate Manoonpong

Acting Director, School of Information Science & Technology (IST)