Network and Decision Systems Lab


Founded in 2020, our laboratory conducts research at the intersection of communication networks and operations research. We solve complex network problems by understanding them through the lenses of operations research. Novel solutions and insights are developed from rigorous analysis and experiments.

The current projects span various topics:
– Datacenter networks
– Age of information
– Federated learning
– Drone & IoT

Techniques used in these projects include (but are not limited to):
– Convex optimization
– Game theory
– Distributed algorithms
– Reinforcement learning

We are looking for highly motivated students, post-docs, research assistants, and interns with strong mathematical and programming backgrounds to join our team. Candidates could come from various disciplines, such as computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering, mathematics, and physics. Please don’t hesitate to contact sucha.s [at]

– Kanatip Chitavisutthivong, Chakchai So-In, Sucha Supittayapornpong, “Designing Optimal Compact Oblivious Routing for Datacenter Networks in Polynomial Time,” in proceeding of IEEE INFOCOM 2023 Conference. (accepted) [A* conference]
– S. Supittayapornpong, P. Namyar, M. Zhang, M. Yu, and R. Govindan, “Optimal Oblivious Routing for Structured Networks,” in proceeding of IEEE INFOCOM 2022 Conference. [A* conference]
– N. Ngoenriang, S. J. Turner, D. Niyato and S. Supittayapornpong, “Joint UAV-Placement and Data Delivery in Aerial Inspection under Uncertainties,” in IEEE Internet of Things Journal, May 2022. [Q1 journal]
– P. Namyar, S. Supittayapornpong, M. Zhang, M. Yu and R. Govindan, “A throughput-centric view of the performance of datacenter topologies,” in proceeding of ACM SIGCOMM 2021 Conference. [A* conference]
– J. Yen, J. Wang, S. Supittayapornpong, M. Vieira, R. Govindan, B. Raghavan, “Meeting SLOs in Cross-Platform NFV,” in proceeding of ACM CoNEXT 2020 Conference. [A conference]
– S. Supittayapornpong, B. Raghavan, and R. Govindan, “Towards highly available clos-based WAN routers,” in proceedings of ACM SIGCOMM 2019 Conference. [A* conference]
– M. Zhang, R. Mysore, S. Supittayapornpong, R. Govindan, “Understanding Lifecycle Management Complexity of Datacenter Topologies,” in proceeding of USENIX NSDI 2019 Conference. (Best Paper Award) [A* conference]
* Sucha’s publications during his Ph.D. study are not included in this list.

Faculty Member
– Sucha Supittayapornpong

Ph.D. Student
– Napat Ngoenriang
– Chanikarn Nikunram
– Chayanon Chanapal
– Thatthep Rukpanich
– Teeruch Sintusiri

Masters Student
– Kanatip Chitavisutthivong
– Kasidetch Thanyacharoen
– Nattapat Iammelap
– Sakrapee Namsak

Research Assistant
– Wasin Meesena