Network Optimization Laboratory

Founded in 2020, our laboratory conducts research in wired and wireless networking systems. Our focus is on theoretical and practical performance optimization of networked systems. The current projects span various areas:

  • Network performance optimization (convex and non-convex)
  • Datacenter networks
  • Edge computing
  • UAV drone planning

We are looking for highly motivated students, research assistants, interns, postdocs, and collaborators. Our lab is expanding. Please contact if you are interested in working together.

Faculty Member

  • Dr. Sucha Supittayapornpong (ดร. สุชา สุพิทยภรณ์พงศ์)

Lab Administrator

  • Onarin Lapvetee (อรอลิน ลาภเวที)
  • Kwanchat Potcharawongsakul (ขวัญฉัตร พชรวงศ์สกุล)

Ph.D. Students

  • Napat Ngoenriang (ณภัทร์ เงินเรียง)
  • Chayanon Chanapal (ชญานนท์ ชนะพาล)
  • Naphat Ngoenriang (นายณภัทร์ เงินเรียง)
  • Chanikarn Nikunram (ชนิกานต์ นิกูลรัมย์) (co-advised with Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sarana Nutanong)

Research topics

  • Coalition Tasks and Data Delivery Framework for Drones in Aerial Plant Inspection.
  • Transfer learning for remaining useful life prediction and degradation assessment.